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Italian bottled water: the boycott.

Four Italian academic institutions are questioning its safety.

Four leading accredited Italian academic institutions – the Federico II University in Naples, the University of Sannio in Benevento and the Universities of Bologna and Cagliari – are questioning the standards governing the sale of mineral water in Italy.  Read more...
Young Italians prefer tap water.

70% of Italians aged 18 to 35 choose tap water as a satisfying and environmentally-friendly option.

A survey conducted by Italian market research specialist CRA on behalf of the Aqua Italia association (part of Confindustria), found that on average, the number of Italians aged between 18 and 35 who prefer to drink filtered and unfiltered tap water has significantly increased to over 70%.
Cosmetal, water solutions

Chilled and carbonated water coolers for use at home, at the office and in catering facilities

Cosmetal is a leading Italian company in the water dispensers sector. Chilled, carbonated and hot water dispensers are produced at its premises in the very heart of central Italy. In over 30 years spent designing and creating water coolers, this industrial company – particularly influential on an international scale – has supplied the market with over 500,000 units, carving out a position as one of the largest manufacturers of machines equipped with water dispensing systems worldwide.

9 Great Reasons to Drink Water, and How to Form the Water Habit

9 Great Reasons to Drink Water, and How to Form the Water Habit

We all know that water is good for us, but often the reasons are a little fuzzy. And even if we know why we should drink water, it's not a habit that many people form.

But there are some very powerful reasons to drink lots of water every day, and forming the habit isn't hard, with a little focus.


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